assembly pricing

Pricing for assemblies varies by location. See pricing below.  Price includes all travel, a special FFFG banner, a sample lesson book,  5 CDs and a FFFG Kindness Card for each child and teachern the school.   (Discount pricing available for schools wishing to order more CDS and books.)

Call or text  Barry directly at 802-345-9193 if you have questions or want to book a visit.

                               Note: assemblies typically last between 45 minutes and one hour
       In New England States

1 50 minute assembly $700

2 50 minute  assemblies   $1000

3  50 minute assemblies $1300

East of the Mississippi, the Midwest and South of New England

Same price with a $500 surcharge for travel

West of the Mississippi

Same price as above plus a $600 travel surcharge .

         Note: travel surcharge will be split between schools in your area. For example, if 3 schools in your area want assemblies the surcharge would be 1/3  for each school

Full day Visit including Writing Lessons 

add  $1000 to prices above

Note:   Schools can get the lowest assembly price by teaming with other schools in the same district or area. Two assemblies at 2 different schools in the same district can be billed at the 2 assembly price. Prices vary greatly based on the time of year and special promotions. Call Barry directly to make an offer or discuss possible dates.  Phone: 802-345-9193.

Google Meet Sessions:  30 minute  Singalong Skype sessions are available for $200 per session.  Barry can meet with up to 20 classrooms at a school at once using Google Meet.