What is a Force Field for Good?

Creating a culture of kindness requires more than memorizing an acronym or collaboratively making a list of class rules for all to follow. If we want our children to truly understand kindness we must give them opportunities to emotionally connect, discuss and comprehend the abstract concept with their experience and the experience of characters in their favorite books.  Only then, will they start living by rules instead of passively following them, only then, will they begin to see that true kindness is a battle fought each day, a battle to know our higher self, regulate our behavior, live with integrity, and act with the best intentions in any given situation. Through original songs, stories, and literacy lessons  Force Field for Good  helps create this dynamic culture of kindness at your school.

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Force Field for Good Bridges Academic learning with Wisdom
 A  Song a Month with a 40 minute lesson in speaking, reading and writing

Each song in a Force Field for Good connects to a kid habit for each month of the school year. Each  teacher created lesson includes conversation , literature connections, and writing/reading activities that align with the education standards while teaching wisdom and kindness.
The Scope

For one hour per school month students and teachers develop a caring mindset and learn concepts, stories and songs to support a safer, kinder world. Because the learning is connected to story, song , reading and writing, it goes deep with little need for extrinsic rewards. Force Field for Good links mindfulness with a love of reading and writing.

Teaching Kindness through Song and literature

The lesson book and DVD  can also be used  as a supplement  to any behavior, character or leadership program being used at your school, or as a stand alone resource.

“Bullying behavior is the pursuit of personal power at the expense of others.Barry and Colleen demonstrate through this unique and accessible resource that the bully’s power is no match for the greater power of words, music, and kindness.”

~ Dr. Mark Flescher , clinical psychologist, Freehold, NJ

” Barry helped students understand the power for good each of them has inside. We all have a choice in every interaction. Thanks, Barry, for reminding us to weave a Force Field for Good so justice and goodness will last.”

~Barb Wild, Principal, Field Club Elementary, Omaha, NE

Research and Reviews

Literacy experts Jan Burkins and Kim Yaris describe how Force Field for Good can change a mindset.

Empathy is more than a social skill; it is the hope of humanity.  This article explains why.

Shaming students into proper behavior has never worked because it robs students of their personal dignity.This article explains why we need to put students in control of their own behavior.