FFFG was Here

Here is a list of recent schools where Barry has performed and brought the Force Field for Good. More to come.


Shoreham Elementary School

Benson Village School

New Jersey

Green Fields Elementary School

White Township School, White Township, New Jersey

The next day, not only did I get a report that fourth grade was still raving about the assembly, but my eighth-graders requested that we stand in a circle with mysterious musical accompaniment to share our writing for the new day.
The spontaneous accolades from kindergarten as you and I reentered the building from lunch summed up the effect you had on our school that day.  “Ten thumbs up!”   
                                 Deirdre Mulligan,  Teacher,  White Township, New Jersey



Field Club Elementary, Omaha

Wildewood Elementary School, Ralston













Laura Ingles Wilder Elementary, Englewood

Prairie Hills Elementary, Aurora


Sonora Elementary School, Sonora, TX

Athens Elementary,  Athens, TX

Pipecreek Elementary, Pipecreek, TX

Minshew Elementary School, McKinney, TX


Carter Elementary School, Louisville


Scholls Heights Elementary School, Beaverton

Aspire Academy, Eugene, OR

New York

Montgomery Elementary School, Montgomery, NY

South Bay Elementary, West Babylon

South Carolina

Georgetown Elementary School, Georgetown, TX`

Rhode Island

Stephen Olney Elementary School,  North Providence Rhode Island


Rochester Hills Elementary School, Rochester, Michigan


Rossman School, St. Louis


West Paris Elementary, West Paris, Maine

Lisbon Community School, Lisbon Falls, Maine

Asa Adams Elementary School, Orono, Maine

Geiger Elementary School, Lewiston, Maine


Parkview Learning Center, Virginia, Minnesota


Murdock-Portal Elementary School, Cupertino, California


Woodland Park Elementary School, Sheridan, Wyoming