Sing along songs from the Force Field for Good 

Know Your Higher Self

This song teaches about the Higher Self and how to practice using it.


 Force Field for Good

What is a Force Field for Good and how to we create it.

 The Big Bad Bully Bus

How do we learn to control our own inner bully?  Five things we a can do in bully situations.

Ode to Other

You begin where I end and that’s why I call you my friend.


The Gimme Blues

How do we cure the gimme blues?  Learn to think of others.

Mean Girls

How do girls bully differently and what to do about it.

Magic Mirror

How do we see ourselves in others and others in ourselves?

Afraid of Love

Who is stronger, Hate or Love?

Words, Words, Words

Three things you can do to use words to create your force field.

Now is the New Day

Hope is way of thinking . This song is full of hope.