Singing and Thinking Our Way to Kinder Classrooms

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“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

Force Field for Good, is an ongoing, year long, practical approach to creating a kindly classroom community of students who share a passion for self-reflection and aspire to well being for every member of their class.

The easy to use, teacher-created lessons foster higher level thinking skills which connect to the State Standards and teach student show to mine deep meaning from life and literature. Much more than an  anti-bullying  program, Force Field for Good will have your students joyously singing aloud as you watch them grow into empathetic, courageous and compassionate kids who make their classroom, their school and their community a zone of love and learning!    For more information and to purchase.

Children share their thoughts about a Force Field for Good.

Force Field for Good is an invitation to think, reflect, sing along, read and take action for the good in the world. Through a collection of 10 original songs and literacy lessons, Barry Lane and Colleen Mestdagh engage audiences young and old with addictive tunes, thought provoking lyrics, and engaging activities to go with them. Each song is a springboard into books and conversation and action. Each pairing of music and literature is the nudge we need to continue striving to become our truest, best self. 
                                          Lester Laminak, co-author of Bullying Hurts

A parent of one of Colleen’s former students attests to the success of the Force Field for Good approach.

 Aside from the enormous benefits my daughter derived from being in such a happy and democratic classroom; she and I still return to the question “am I being my higher self?” regularly during discussions at home. It is a very simple and effective way to tune in to your moral compass.                               Jeni Hester, parent

Here school Principal Brian Benvenides talks about how Force Field for Good has inspired his students to work out their own conflicts and make a safer, happier school environment.

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